TESS  (Training Employment Support Service) has a proven track record in helping people who thought they couldn't, find out that they CAN.

TESS is your gateway to a world of new opportunities along with more enjoyable and profitable employment. We are passionate about providing outstanding opportunities to our local community and students, no matter what their previous experience or knowledge.

We have been providing community-focused training courses to unemployed people in the Fraser Coast region since 1983, over 27 years, and in this time we have helped a huge number of people make significant and lasting changes to their lives, no matter who you are, we can do the same for you.

You can change your life for the better - don't wait for tomorrow, call us today.

About Us

The Community focused Training Provder

We have been providing training service to Fraser Coast and Wide Bay region for such a long time, we can say for sure that no one knows the training needs of our region better than we do.

We are here to help local people do better and to help them reach their true potential. That why we say that no matter who you are, where you are and what you are doing now - you can do better.

We can help you lead a life-changing transformation.

Our college is a gateway to new opportunities, better employment and careers.

While we are very community focused we never lose sight of the individual, which can happen in very large colleges. We know that everyone has different challenges, needs and dreams, and we'll help you dig deeper to uncover the amazing potential that's within us all.

Out student focus allows us to make sure that you get last bit of value out of your training courses.

Anyone can achieve a better life through qualifications, you just need the right support and help along the way.


Our Mission

We see ourselves as social entrepreneurs.

This means we are taking action to drive changes in our local communities through education in the fields of Health and Aged Care, Business, Hospitality, Agriculture and Construction.

We are making a difference, improving individual lives, and reducing poverty in the region, and we feel blessed to have this opportunity.

While there are disadvantaged, side-lined, and under-employed people in our region, our mission will never be over.


Everyone can achieve their goals - this is just a simple fact.  You are where you are today because of events in the past. But the past is gone, and where you will be tomorrow depends entirely on what you do today.

Whether you are looking for a second chance in life or just getting started, we will help you and support every step of the way. 


We support our local communities by offering a wide range of programs and projects to assist people in the community who may be experiencing some difficulty in accessing employment, training and educational opportunities.

Our communities deserve to be better, more affluent, happier places, and education is a critical step towards a better future.


When you enrol with TESS, you don't just enrol in a stuffy course, nor do you become a speck in a sea of students.We have designed our entire business to provide close support, mentoring education.

We invite you to join our training family, where our students feel a sense of belonging secure in the knowledge that we will do everything we can to support your needs. 


Click here to use our online application form and start your journey with TESS.